NEWAA's members are the heart and soul of the arts community in Northeast Wisconsin. We are proud to be able to represent this great community.
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Andrew Linskens

Paint & Drawing • Green Bay

Gary Gossens

Paint & Drawing • Kimberly

After 36 years in a paper mill, its time for ART, the brighter the colors, the crazier the mediums, what ever inspires me is fair game to become something different. I don't think of things to create, things tell me what they want to become.

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Robert Steve Bowles

Sculpting • Howard

My work is often called Steam Punk but that is not my inspiration. I see myself as a tinkerer. I work with odds and ends and re-purposed materials. I hope my pieces entertain and inspire.

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Todd Richardson

Sculpting • Appleton

Hello, my name is Todd Richardson. I am a sculptor and ceramicist focusing on figurative reliefs and busts.

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