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Rejecting the traditional feminine roles has its consequences. Although I do not completely confine myself to the stereotypical mother and wife, I feel a nagging pressure to demonstrate my femininity. I find myself wearing mascara most everyday, fussing over my kids and proving my proficiency in other “lady-like” activities. These attempt to somehow overcompensate for being bold, voicing my opinions and enjoying a career outside of my home.

The inspiration for my current body of artwork comes from these gender expectations and the connotations that penetrate them. Many of the women I paint, embroider and photograph start with faces, but lose their minds to focus on their hairstyles, clothing and the perfectly poised pose. I still feel constant pressure to be a “good girl,” which manifests itself into the visual presentation of headless, mindless gals. I find this exploration to be deeply disheartening while at the same time, to have a sense of humor about the absurdity of closing off half of the world to a gender because the body parts one is born with.

I just started dabbling in embroidery in the spring of 2018. I quickly became obsessed, stitching in every free moment I have, stashing hoops in my car, purse, camera bag, office and nightstand. I am mainly self-taught, learning through lots of janky stitching, curse words and knotted threads. Embroidery brings me the ability to express my wild feminist agenda through colors and textures. I enjoy this “lady-like” activity as many women before me have (including my grandmothers) but by choice, not expectation. My fiber art is a way to bring up more conversations as well as an homage to the powerful women I've come from and who I try to currently surround myself with.

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  • Very creative and exceptionally professional ,

    I worked with Stephanie on the Gig Poster Project. Not only did she deliver stunning artwork, she did it before the deadline. In fact, she was the first artist to get her art turned in. Her final piece was stunning, everyone I showed it to loved it. I would happily work with her again and recommend her to others without hesitation.
  • Thought provoking and fun ,

    I can't say enough kind words about Stephanie and her art. Her is art is thought provoking but also fun. Photography is a gift of Stephanie's. She has photographed my family a couple of times with a 'lifestyle' shoot. She captures the true essence of the person. My son is autistic and she took the time to really get to know him and 'meet him where he is at'. She has introduced me to so many amazing artists in our community, and opened up my eyes to all the ways 'art' can influence our lives. I love seeing all of the different mediums Stephanie uses to showcase her abilities, and can't wait to see what the future holds for her!
  • Community-focused Creative ,

    Stephanie Harvey is a truly community-focused creative. In nearly five years of working with Stephanie, I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with her to positively engage and impact the community. From large, mainstream community participatory art projects to small, accessibility focused projects targeting those with significant barriers to participation -- Stephanie's talent and passion come through in every project she takes on.
  • Amazing work! ,

    Stephanie's art is a staple at our shop Seven Sins Tattoos Little Chute, WI. We love having her fun colorful, even some funny, and empowering art in for everyone to look at. We get so many complements on her beautiful works! She's an amazing asset to our community, always teaching new creative ideas to children, and adults alike. She is funny, business minded, and so sweet! We love having her as a resident & will continue as long as she'll let us! You'd be lucky to hire her as an artist for any of your creative needs! 10 stars!
  • Great Teacher! ,

    If you get the opportunity to take one of Stephanie’s classes you should grab the opportunity! I really cannot say enough. Stephanie is very organized. Her classes are thought out and her personality as a teacher is such that even the most hesitant person can create a piece of art with confidence. Not only is Stephanie engaging but she takes the time to get to know her students so that she can make realistic suggestions about art and how to take that artistic process that beyond the classroom.
  • Friendly and Supportive ,

    After accepting a new position in the fine arts this past year, Stephanie was one of the first local artists to offer her time and knowledge to help me get my feet wet. She is insightful, friendly, and extremely pleasant to work with. She has a knack for making art accessible and can easily teach the most complicated processes to a novice like me. She also has a fantastic sense of humor which comes across in her artwork. Don’t pass on the chance to work with Stephanie Harvey!
  • Artist in Residence ,

    Stephanie came to our elementary school to teach all students about stencil art (and produce a collaborative mural) within a 3 day span. She was phenomenal! The kids loved her, she was very organized and engaging and it was a super positive experience. Beautiful mural was a bonus.
  • Excellent Teacher, Artist, Advocate and Community Member ,

    I first met Stephanie by taking one of her printmaking classes several years ago. As a teacher she is organized, energetic, encouraging and did a great job conveying the various techniques and principles. Since that time I have had the opportunity to work with her on a number of community projects and I find her creative energy and talents to be nearly endless. While some of her greatest assets are her creative vision and ability, she also works tirelessly to bring her projects to completion while maintaining a solid and practical business sense. She is a rare gem in our community!
  • Appleton Public Library Artist in Residence ,

    Stephanie was one of Appleton Public Library's featured artists in our Artist in Residence program. It was a pleasure to work with her to bring art into the community to make creative expression accessible and fun. She offered a printmaking 101 workshop in the library and set up an art station outside the front doors of the library. It was a surprise experience for library visitors and staff! Also during her residency, she helped us bring our arts programming into community at Bazaar After Dark. Stephanie shared her positive energy and made art accessible for library visitors and community members during her residency.
  • Energetic & engaging artist in residence ,

    We selected Stephanie's application for our 2018 Idea Studio Summer (roughly 2 month) residency and she hit the ground running with several ideas for workshops on linocut/printmaking and creating stencils and stencil art. Patrons enjoyed interacting with Stephanie during office hours as she worked on her own pieces including some embroidery and some work using equipment in our space like the laser cutter and Carvey CNC carving machine. Stephanie used her own networks to help us get the word out about events and worked closely with our PR/marketing person to make sure that we had everything we needed and were sending a consistent message. Her Langdon Divers Gallery show "Spilt Water," here the following October stood out as both eye-catching and thought-provoking. Stephanie cared about making the residency a success and was a pleasure to work with.
  • Excellent photographer and collaborator ,

    Stephanie has captured beautiful images of many events for me, both professional and personal. I met her when she took my first set of head shots and promotional photos. Stephanie was so attentive to my goals and offered creative ways to capture the images I wanted. The photos turned out beautifully, and I've tapped Stephanie for many other projects over the years. When I needed photos taken of a live performance event, I knew Stephanie would be the best person for the job. She is so flexible and quick on her feet in unexpected situations, very important qualities when shooting a live show! Stephanie made sure the images she captured met the expectations we had established. Every experience with Stephanie has been top notch. When I got married I knew she had to be the one to capture my big day. She does a great job understanding the needs of her client and delivering an excellent product.
  • Fermented Fotography! ,

    We had the privilege of working with Stephanie for professional photographs for our local food startup, Reinvent Ferment. From our first meetings, Stephanie understood our vision for the product shoot, and also made excellent suggestions to help expand our vision. We're thrilled with the portfolio of photos developed, and receive compliments on them constantly! Her creative vision helped us manifest photos that beautifully capture both the essence of our products and our business philosophy.
  • Thank you ,

    Last year at about this time (April), I was set to make a 11’ x 90’ mural in Little Chute. This was happening for me because of Stephanie. She reached out to me when Bizarre After Dark (look up on google) was going to be in Little Chute. She was the art director and event coordinator at the Public Library at the time. She has moved on from that position respectfully to follow her passions as a maker of things, and teacher of making things. One week before the mural was to be started, it snowed. Even worse, the weather had set back starting time, which was going to be three weeks prior to the event, given the amount of work I had to accomplish with my plan. I was beginning to wonder if I could do this. So I began reforming my plan so I could execute it by working 15 hour days. It was the only way I was going to get the mural done the way it needed to be, in now, one week. This is where Stephanie shined. I informed her that I was still going to make the full complicated idea at 11’ x 90’. She never hesitated and gave me full support! It made all the difference! She trusted me in the thick of it, and that really shows how trustworthy and respectful she is! The mural was completed successfully, and in the timeframe. Stephanie Harvey is a kind soul. She works hard and stays alert to the world around her. Thank you Stephanie!
  • Fun, Witty, and Incredibly Talented! ,

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie for several years, showcasing her thought-provoking (often with a sense of humor) work at various local venues. Stephanie and I have also participated in many of the same local art fairs, and we share a strong dedication to our local community. She is a delight to work with. Her passion for the arts is contagious and inspirational. If you ever have the chance to collaborate with Stephanie or visit an exhibition of her work, take it! You will not be disappointed!
  • Photography ,

    Van Abel’s of Hollandtown, Restaurant, Banquet and catering hired Steph to do some photography around the business to be used in marketing, advertising and in house. The photos were amazing, Steph is precise, patient, kind and extremely artistic. Steph embraces the culture of your business and treats it as her own! Van Abel’s has been using the photos for many different projects, and we love them now as much as we did when they were taken!
  • Queen of All Trades ,

    Stephanie is a beacon in this community that is so integral to the cultivation of our culture. We were very lucky to have her as a featured artist at our establishment as we so often want to emphasize the talent that reigns in this small town. She is inquisitive and adaptable therefore always willing and wanting to learn new trades and can perfect them in no time. Her patience and personality provide an ideal learning experience so as to allow so many the opportunity to pick up new hobbies or to further develop their own personal craft. Above all she is responsible, efficient, articulate, and punctual - the ideal artist.